What situation are you in and where would you like to be and which opportunities are available to you to head overseas ?

You’re a minor :

Learn about international volunteering projects.

From aged 14 in France and from aged 16 elsewhere, you can take part in youth volunteer projects where you will live in a group and help a good cause with your time split between volunteer work and leisure and tourism time. The association may ask for a financial contribution.

Erasmus+ Youth exchanges Aimed at people aged 13 to 30, this initiative helps groups of young people to meet and exchange around shared projects and cultural, sports, environmental and other activities.


You’re a student

The first name that comes to mind is Erasmus with its double diploma and a term of study in other country. Enquire with your international relations department at your school or university. Also contact the CRIJPA.

The gap year :

Since 2015, the gap year has become an integral part of a student’s pathway. It’s a year that offers a break from learning and a chance to develop a personal or professional project you may have. You can use this year right before you begin your higher education programme, but not in the final year, to do volunteer work, another course, etc. Some schools or universities require you to have a specific plan.

See full terms and conditions in the decree : http://www.education.gouv.fr/pid25535/bulletin_officiel.html?cid_bo=91567

You are unemployed

Have you heard of the EURES network ?

Are you looking for a job, an apprenticeship or an internship ?

Connect to the EURES network (network of public employment services in Europe).

You are with handicap situation

Erasmus + plans for you a specific support : additional expenses from disability are supported by program.

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